Dark fibre and wifi tower installation are leasing with our IP 1 license.

Providing Telephone through our fibre line in selected areas.


DWAN SUPPORTS PVT LTD. is a leading name in Internet Service Provider in Cochin. We work in close coordination with our clients to provide them quality services. We are always open to queries and doubts of the customers and our personnel are always there to help them at any time.

1:1 High speed bandwidth internet access through OFC

Internet access through Point to Point and Multi-point wireless network


DWAN SUPPORTS PVT LTD. offers Internet Leased Line via a wireless last mile to your office.With your existing wired internet, We can provide a near 100% internet uptime in your office.

Uninterupted bandwidth from our NOC by integrating multiple gateway.

Data free IP TV with 200 live channels and 2000 movie club through OTT as intranet that enables to view movies and channels without usage of internet data.

FTTH (Fibre To The Home) triple play (voice, data, IP) Network design, installation and administration services for Builders, Apartments, Hospitals, Universities and Cable TV operators. We have a team to install FTTH with modern equipments.


                                                               BENIFITS OF MOBILE TV

 You can use your Mobile TV as your second TV at your home.

You can watch programmes in high quality in 4K format.

You can select and watch your favourite channels as you wish.

For hotels, guests can watch the TV at their Room, Pool area, Lawn, Reception, Bar area and other places, wherever our wifi is available.

For hospitals and bystander can use mobile TV without nuisance to patient. can also use it at waiting area and other places, wherever our wifi is available.




IP Telephone

We provides IP Tel along with the same ofc cable which provides internet and IPTV.  You can use normal analogue landline phone also.  We provide additional facility of mobile app for telephone.  Through this app you can take all your landline  calls  in your mobile phone.  IF wifi range is there you can attend the call at any where in your home .  Also you can attened the calls whereever you are in our wifi range.